Kayla Egle


I am an illustrator specializing in watercolor and digital work. I use lighter colors in a whimsical and imaginative style. I also work with different textures; viewers often mistake my digital works for handmade pieces. When working in watercolor, I use a lot of water with the paint to give the piece a wet and washy look and give a free flowing feeling. Sharp lines made with a steady hand give the characters definition. In my digital work, I use Adobe Photoshop to make my own textured digital brushes to fill large spaces, giving an illusion of a more complex space. My work is reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, and my drawing style, characters, and my choice of colors have a feeling of lightheartedness. I am skilled in many different areas, including posters and editorial work and I especially like drawing things related to nature, childhood, and fantasy.

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