Miguel Tanco

“Born in Badajoz, Spain. He approached his childhood reading and became devourer of images, stories and books of Salgari and Mafalda. In 1999 he left Seville to attend the School of Visual Art in New York (USA), the summer school of Zavrel Stepan in Sarmede (Italy) and classes with Octavia Monaco in Bologna (Italy). His style is characterized by the expressiveness of his characters, clean compositions and intense chromatism. The essence of his work is “childhood, in a state so pure and wonderful that it is hard to understand when adults. We try to apply the adult mental schemes but they have their own”. The phase he enjoys the most about his work is when he has completed the storyboard, the color proofs, has done some illustrations and the rest is clear. This is a wonderful moment because it gives him confidence to be freer when illustrating. His inspiration comes from a mix of the infants’ world with the adult one and from the paradoxes existing between them. With his images he aims at conveying feelings, they are different in each book and he believes it is important that this is clear in order not to confuse the reader. He works as an illustrator in Milan. Teaches Illustration in Spain and Italy, organizes workshops with children and adolescents, does posters, companies’ advertisment, and sell some of his paintings. “

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