About the Competition

SILA – The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles presents our 62nd annual Illustration West, chaired by Jon Messer.

Watch for the Illustraion West 62 Website Launch.

Illustration West is an annual competition and exhibition highlighting the year’s best illustration – both from L.A. and from all around the world. SILA is proud to represent established and emerging artists and demonstrate that this continues to be an exciting era for illustration.

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AI Declaration

The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles is fully aware that technological tools such as AI are part of a modern illustrator’s workflow. We believe that real artwork is made by humans, not generated entirely by an Artificial Intelligence program. This warranty seeks to assure that a trained human artist is creating a finished piece of art using traditional and or modern tools and submitting their human made artwork for our consideration. Please email to info@si-la.org.

Click here for the form that must acompany your entry(ies).


Jennifer Bruce

Jennifer Bruce






Read the interview with Jennifer Bruce by Jon Messer.



Ted (Slampyak) Kinyak

Ted (Slampyak) Kinyak





Read the interview with Ted “Slampyak” Kinyak by Jon Messer.



Jorge Mascarenhas





Read the interview with Jorge Mascarenhas by Jon Messer.



Mark Smith

Mark Smith






Read the interview with Mark Smith by Jon Messer.



Tetiana “Tania” Yakunova

Tetiana “Tania” Yakunova







Read the interview with Tetiana “Tania” Yakunova by Jon Messer.



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Competition Rules

  • Submission Deadline –

November 19, 2023 – MIDNIGHT

  • Entry Fee
    $35 per entry for non-members.
    $15 per entry for SILA Members
    $15 per entry for entries in the Student category.
    Entry fee in full must accompany all submissions. Entry fees are not refundable.

PAYMENT can be made as you enter each piece or all at once when you’ve uploaded your work. You can pay by check (USD), your bank’s “Zelle” function or by PayPal.

For PayPal or Zelle, use our main email address, info@si-la.org, for making payments and put your name and “ILW62” in the notes field.  Contact Alyce at the office if you have any questions. 800-799-6368 or info@si-la.org.

    • Eligibility
      Except for the Visual Development category, any illustration created in or published between November 2022 and October 2023 is eligible. The work in Visual Development category can date back 2 years. Entries from around the world are welcome.
    • Procedure
      Each original illustration is a separate entry. Do not submit campaigns or complete books as one entry. Complete and submit an entry form for each individual piece – uploading your images and all applicable details. Fees can be paid using Paypal, your bank’s Zelle service (QuickPay, POP Money, Bill Pay) or by mail with a check or money order.
    • Exhibition Fee – Only paid if you are accepted by the judges and choose to exhibit
    • $55 per accepted entry for non-members.
      $35 for SILA Members.
      $35 for students exhibiting their own artwork in the Student category.
      The exhibition fee is required for inclusion on the illustrationwest.org website. There is no extra charge to show your work in the public gallery – if we’re able to be in a public gallery….still dealing with Covid issues.

Entry Categories

For examples of work in these categories from last year’s exhibition, you can browse the Category menu of Illustration West 61.

  • Advertising
    Commissioned and published work used for consumer/trade print ads, fashion, point of-purchase, product, packaging, outdoor, websites and other forms of promotional media.
  • Book
    Commissioned and published work for fiction/non-fiction, hard & soft cover books. Includes young adult, adult, and cookbooks.
  • Cartoon
    Commissioned and published work used in newspaper strips, newspaper panels, TV animation, feature animation, newspaper illustration, gag cartoons, book illustration, greeting cards, comic books, magazine feature/magazine illustration, and editorial cartoons.
  • Children’s Market
    Commissioned and published work used for the children’s market.
  • Editorial
    Commissioned and published work for newspapers, magazines, blogs, courtroom sketches including spots, and humorous works.
  • Entertainment & Visual Development
    Commissioned and published work for promotion or packaging of entertainment events, products and organizations, including: music, motion picture, DVD/video, television, computer games, live entertainment or Commissioned work for a production of a motion picture, animation, video games, and television. Examples: character designs, layout, visual development, background paintings, and storyboards.
  • Gallery
    Any work produced for the purpose of showing at a gallery or museum.
  • Graphic Novels / Comic Books
    Commissioned and published work for fiction/non-fiction, comic books, and graphic novels. Including: character designs, layout, visual development, background paintings, pin-ups, and storyboards.
  • Institutional
    Commissioned and published work for annual reports, corporate projects, capability projects, in-house publications, illustrated company logos, calendars, menus, calligraphy, non self-promotional greeting cards, philatelic, and collectibles.
  • Student
    Work created for classroom projects only. Must include instructor and school for each entry.
  • Unpublished & Self-Promotional
    Any self-promotional work, whether commissioned or not commissioned. Sourcebook ads, mailers, gallery work, portfolio pieces, experimental, fine art. Includes all Artist’s Rep or Gallery commissioned work.

Fill out entry forms completely. Email notifications will be sent once final judging has closed. SILA reserves the right to verify information and/or reassign an entry into the correct category.

By submitting entries, artists acknowledge SILA’s right to use images and associated information for public exhibition, education, publication and promotion of Illustration West and SILA – The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.


All entrants will be notified by email.
Judges’ decisions are final.


For examples award-winning work from last year’s exhibition, browse the Awards menu of Illustration West 61.

  • Joseph Morgan Henninger Award – Best of Show
    This award is presented to the best of all the Gold Award winners and is named for SILA’s first President during our founding year in 1953.
  • Patrick Nagel Award for Excellence
    This award is presented to the second best of all the Gold Award winners and is named to honor a great illustrator, Patrick Nagel.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are awarded individually for in each category.

Work entered in the Gallery, Student and Unpublished / Self-Promotional categories will not be eligible for the Henninger or Nagel Awards.
All accepted entries will receive Certificates of Merit.
Award-winning artwork must be available for use on the Web site.

Scholarship Awards

  • Scholarships are presented to the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners from the Student category.
      • Gold – Phillip Hays “I love it. I think it’s terrific.” $1000 Scholarship
      • Silver – Elin Waite & Dick Oden $750 Scholarship
      • Bronze – Bill Tara $500 Scholarship